Home Cycling, Combating-Covid19 still being highly popular

"Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19" for the second time, still highly popular. There are almost 30,000 views on Facebook Live by Thai PBS, not including…

"Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19" for the second time, still highly popular. There are almost 30,000 views on Facebook Live by Thai PBS, not including hundreds of thousands of people viewed through the main channel of “Thai PBS Chanel”.

"Seth. Muek" General Decha Hemkasri, President Thai Cycling Association of Under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King revealed that the Thai Cycling Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health. by the Office of Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) and Thai PBS TV Station Organized an online cycling activity, “Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19” Phase 3, on May 9 at Thai PBS TV station, with “Non” Sergeant Natthaphon Jumchat and “Nong Fa Sai”. Passorn Chaikitpaiboonsri The Sky Rider team is the leader in the show and has "Coach Tum", Chief Air Staff Sergeant Wisut Kasiyaphat, the head of the Thai national team road bike coach become a speaker in which this activity in a race through the Zwift application, male riders compete on the WATOPIA FIGUE 8 Class A route for a distance of 30.2 km, while female riders race on the track. Champs-Élysées, Class C, distance 29.7 km.

General Decha said that for the second time of  “Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19” activity, a lot of cyclists from the home participated in the activity which can be seen that the Thai flag is all over the screen. There is also a Thai national team for the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam for both male and female road and mountain categories join in unison activities, led by Corporal Sorawut Sirironnachai, owner of 3 gold medals, the 30th SEA Games, Major Thanakhan Chaiyasombat , Lt. Supuksorn Nuntana, Lt. Phetdarin Somrat, Ms. Warinthorn Phetpraphan, including "Beaz", Lieutenant Jutatip Maneephan, who is currently preparing the team to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan also join the ride as part of the training program that the staff coach has planned.

For the results, it appears that the male category, Sergeant Natthaphon Jumchat won the championship with 39.22 minutes after the last route, he did only 2nd place, because it lost only 0.1 seconds to the Italian cyclist, 2nd place, Corinthians Wuttisiriranachai time 39.23 minutes, No. 3 "Q" Peeraphong Lad-Ngern time 39.27 minutes, for female category(Thai cyclists only) No. 1 belongs to "Nong Ploy" Ms. Warinthorn Phetpraphan, The Thai MTB national team cyclist takes 11.41 minutes, 2nd place is a cyclist from home, which is called "Pan Rider" or Sompit Unchit, 11.42 minutes and No. 3 "Nong Fa Sai" Naphatson Chaiyakitpaiboon, the young cyclist of the Sky Rider team time 12.06 minutes, the time champion, the total time is a rider from South Korea, making 11.40 minutes.

After the competition, General Decha said that the first “Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19” activity had more than 20,000 views of the audience who watched the live broadcast via Thai PBS's Facebook Live. Probably around 30,000 views, not combined with hundreds of thousands of viewers on Thai PBS's main channel number 3, considered online cycling "Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19" as an activity to fight the crisis the coronavirus outbreak. People are at risk of leaving the home to get the infection from outside. Therefore, the “Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19” activity is another option for us to overcome the COVID-19 crisis together.

On the side of "Coach Tum" Col. Wisut said that for the next "Home Cycling, Combating COVID-19" activity will be held on Sunday, May 16, and will be the cycling route in which route. Technical Department, Thai Cycling Association will be announced soon, which can be followed up on the website of the Thai Cycling Association. www.thaicycling.or.th and at the Facebook fan page ThaicyclingAssociation or if you have any questions, you can send questions to Inbox or "Message Box" on Facebook.