Jai fights tooth and nail

"Jai Angsuthasawit" fights tooth and nail break through to the finals Keirin in "UCI Track Nations Cup 2021", 1st round in Hong Kong before winning the…

"Jai Angsuthasawit" fights tooth and nail break through to the finals Keirin in "UCI Track Nations Cup 2021", 1st round in Hong Kong before winning the 4th place, which must be judged by photo but get 600 additional points for sure to rise up to the 2nd place of world’s ranking.  
"Seth. Muek" General Decha Hemkasri, President of Thai Cycling Association Under royal patronage of His Majesty The King revealed that according to "TJ" Jai Angsuthasawit, Thai national cyclist, gold medalist Keirin in The 18th Asian Games participated in the “UCI Track Nation's Cup 2021” the 1st round  in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on May 15 in Men’s Keirin in which 20 cyclists compete in the world's forefront in the first round, divided into 3 heat, eliminating the people who are ranked 1-2 of each heat in the semifinals, which sells the 3rd heat race. The results show that the number 4 must go to the Repechage round or the Repechage round which is divided into 2 heat, eliminating the 1-3 places of each heat, a total of 6 people to the semifinals according to the first 6 people.
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General Decha said that in the Repechage round, Jai won the 1st place in the first heat make it to the semifinals or round 12 people successfully, which in this semifinals is distributed 2nd place, so they go to the finals or the last 6 people in the evening of May 15 with Yutawa Kimoto, the world's No. 1 Keirin rider from Japan and Yuda Initta, 11th in the world from Japan. Jai's old opponent in the 18th Asian Games is the main contender, but it appears that Muhammad Fadil Muhad Sonis, a dark horse from Malaysia open the game, tear himself away before causing the dealer to accelerate but in the final round two Japanese cyclists came to overtake during the finish line. Must be judged by the photos. The results of the competition are ranked 4th, and the champion goes to Muhammad Fadil Muhad Sonis from Malaysia, 2nd place Yuta Wakimoto and 3rd Yuda Initta.
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The president of Thai Cycling Association went on to say that must admit that he has more than a hundred fighter hearts because in the first round, he missed the 4th place, but wore a lion's heart to compete in the Repechage round until it reached the finals successfully after the competition, the distributor reported that the plan of the race at first I thought that I would stick with two Japanese cyclists and come to gain an advantage at the end. But it turns out that the Malaysian cyclist, who is a dark horse, opens the game first. Tear off, bring it to be the first, so I have to chase, but 2 riders from Japan come speeding a few meters before crossing the finish line. Until having to judge each other by photographs
"Seth. Muek" said that even though it was ranked No. 4, the overall score of Jai's world rankings should definitely move higher than before. Recently, ranked sixth in the world, there are 972.5 points for this list. Will receive an additional 600 points, a total of 1,572.5 points, while the world's number 1 hand Yuta Wakimoto has 1,365 points, it will add an additional 720 points, totaling 2,085 points, continuing to be ranked No. 1 in the world while 2nd - 5th place above distribution did not compete in this competition. Causing the total score of the dealer to surpass it to the 2nd place in the world for sure Who is currently ranked No. 2 in the world, Kevin Santiago from Colombia, has 1,290 points.
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General Decha added that he had left the men’s Sprint on Sunday, May 16, hoping to make time under 10 seconds to set a new Thailand record. And after this, he will travel to the track race "UCI Track Nations Cup 2021", the second round in Cali, Colombia between June 3-6, it is expected that the distribution will be able to achieve the goal, which is the top third in the competition to collect more points and to get the right to compete in a track race in the "World Championships 2021" in Ashgabat. Turkmenistan Between 13-17 October.
In addition, General Decha also revealed that as for the online cycling activity "Home Cycling, Combating Covid-19" Phase 3, which the Thai Cycling Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health by the Office of Health Promotion Fund (Thai Health Promotion Foundation), organized for people to exercise in the home during COVID-19 disease spreading.The third event took place on the evening of Saturday, May 15 in the Zwift app, the 3R Volcano Climb Race, 22.4km. Men compete in Class A, women compete in Class C, which includes: Thai national team cyclists, both road and mountain Set for the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam Compete in both women and men Including the cyclists from the home as many races as before, and almost 10,000 fans at home watched the live broadcast from the Facebook Live Thaicycling Association.
 The results of the competition are as follows: male category, "Wut", Corporal Master Sarawut Sirironnachai, a Thai national cyclist, who owns 3 gold medals, the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines. Winning the championship with a time of 29.53 minutes, No. 2 Sergeant Natthaphon Jumchart time 29.55 minutes, No. 3 Joe Rees from Wales time 29.55 minutes, No. 4 "Q" Peeraphong Lard-Ngern time 29.55 minutes for women category. (Thai cyclists only) No. 1 "Nong Ploy" Warinthorn Phetpraphan Thai national team cyclists, 33.37 minutes of mountaineering time, No. 2 "Prae", senior female corporation Phetdarin Somrat, Thai national team cyclist, road type, 34.34 minutes, 3rd place, is a cyclist from home, named "Prae". P. Panyawuthikrai time 34.50 minutes while the total time champion is M.Jhohansson time 33.30 minutes.
For those who are interested in participating in the activity " Home Cycling, Combating Covid-19" Phase 3, the fourth round can follow the details at the website of the Bicycle Sports Association. www.thaicycling.or.th and at the Facebook fan page Thaicycling Association or if you have any questions, you can send a question to Inbox or "Message Box" on Facebook.