Jai hopes to win the 1st-3rd place in UCI Track Cycling Nations Cup

“Jai” hopes to win 1st-3rd place in "UCI Track Nations Cup" in Hong Kong  "Jai Angsuthasawit" hopes to rank 1-3 for keirin in the "UCI…

“Jai” hopes to win 1st-3rd place in "UCI Track Nations Cup" in Hong Kong

 "Jai Angsuthasawit" hopes to rank 1-3 for keirin in the "UCI Track Nations Cup 2021", starting the first round in Hong Kong with the main goal by going create a performance in "World Championships 2021" and win "Olympic Games" in Japan.

 "Seth. Muek" General Decha Hemkasri, President of Thai Cycling Association Under Royal Patronage of His Majesty The King revealed that according to "TJ" Jai Angsuthasawit Thai Track  cyclist, owner of the keirin gold medal The 18th Asian Games, are preparing to participate in the “UCI Track Nations Cup 2021” track cycling first round  from May 13-16 at Hong Kong after long term stay for training at the World Cycling Center (WCC) in Aegle. Switzerland

General Decha said he was originally scheduled to depart from Switzerland on May 8 to head to Hong Kong but it appears that the airline Swiss Air refused to allow the group to board because some riders have incomplete documents even if following the flight regulations as well as obtain a special immigration permit from the Hong Kong authorities. From that case, as a result, the athletes and staff of the WCC traveling to Hong Kong have to wait for the missing documents and set off again on Tuesday, May 11, where the group will arrive in Hong Kong on the morning of Wednesday May 12, while the scheduled first competition will have to compete in the keirin qualifying round on the morning of Saturday the 14th. May.

The President of Thai Cycling Association went on to state that although the delayed journey would not affect the race schedule. Unfortunately, there is too little time to train for up to seven hours of physical conditioning with different time zones, and less time to get used to the Hong Kong ground. Originally, there was a full time for the rehearsal from May 10th, however, Jai insisted that the incident did not have much impact on the body council. And it is impossible due to the various requirements that are held in terms of travel. The diplomatic regulations on immigration have changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the incident will not have any effect on mental health and physical readiness.

 "Seth. Muek" said that for the UCI Track Nations Cup, round 1 in Hong Kong, there was a high appetite to enter a major global tournament for the first time since the final race for the 2020 Track World Championship in February 2020, he has set a goal of being in the Keirin must reach at least the finals to be one of the top 3 podium riders to win the top 3 awards at the 2021 Nations Cup start of the season. Its main goal is to achieve success in the "World Championships 2021" in Asgabat. Turkmenistan, between October 13-17, as well as if Qualify enters the Olympic Games in 2020 that distributes No. 1, the physical condition is ready to compete one hundred percent.

General Decha added that the latest Thai Cycling Association has approved a leading bicycle production company in the UK. cut the Thai national team uniform for special distribution to be used for the 2021 world-class competition, the suit uses the same raw materials and tailoring as the world's top track cyclists and will help athletes become more maneuverable during the competition. This is another important factor for the world-class track cycling race, where lost and won are settled in just seconds.

 For the 2021 UCI Track Nations Cup, first round  in Hong Kong will compete in two events, consisting of the Keirin on Saturday May 15, with the qualifying round in the afternoon, semifinals and the finals compete in the evening on Sunday, May 16, will be competing in the individual sprint program. Qualifying round in the morning If they qualify, they will continue to compete until the finals in the evening.